Goal Center

Our process comes with a built-in place for your clients to create goals for accomplishing what they want from life. Both the client and advisor have a place to identify steps necessary for completion of each goal. There is a built-in place to list the financial obligation for each goal if savings is needed. These financial goals can then easily be inserted into financial planning software.

Our Goal Center is integrated with the clients Well-Being Index results. This allows your client to create goals around the five key areas that are measured in the Well-Being Index and maximize alignment between client goals and what they would like to do better as stated in their Well-Being Index. We even provide the well-being questions from their survey with how they were scored, providing the most in depth client-advisor interaction.

Each goal comes with a built-in goal tracker, showing the client and advisor how they stand toward goal progress. You can also review past completed goals with your client, showing the progress you are making together.