The report they receive includes:


top strengths and values, along with an engaging description of them


A list of selected Interests, Causes, and Skills


A Reflections Page, which will provide personal insights into


how their strengths and values are reflected in their life.

Strengths and Values Survey

The science of well-being, in particular Positive Psychology, shows that the more we engage in our strengths the happier we become and the more successful we are. Similar results occur when we connect our engagements to things that match our personal values. In fact, connecting our strengths and values together, can create some of the most gratifying life experiences (Cite Sleigman)

Therefore, a critical part of the Investing You process includes our scientifically validated Strengths and Values Survey. This survey provides your client with a measurement of both their top strengths and top values, helping them better understand themselves. It also provides you as their advisor, a better understanding for them and how to best approach your relationship in order to achieve maximum results.

But that’s not the only reason we incorporate this survey into our process. We also know from goal science that goals that align well with a person’s strengths and values are more likely to be accomplished and enjoyed along the way. In other words, those that are intrinsic in value to the individual, usually work best (Cite this). Our Strengths and Values Survey provides the information necessary for your client to best create and plan for what might lie ahead.