Well-Being Index

This is the starting point to the Investing You process. This short, scientifically created survey gives you and your client a gauge on how prepared they are in areas that well-being science say are important for creating a flourishing life.

• Enjoyment • Relationships • Growth • Finance

The Finance section is broken out further by measuring how the client rates where they currently stand in four key financial areas.

• Savings / Debt • Income / Cashflow • Investments • Protection

The results of your client’s personal survey provide a well-spring of opportunities for creating both personal and financial goals. These goals are cultivated using a more validated approach for finding what’s really on your client’s mind, not the current widely used approach of choosing from a list of potential concerns or opportunities.

Our Investing You process also tracks well-being progress by charting current and previous scores. This helps the client see the difference you are making in their lives.